Mike KotschContact

I'm a Product Designer, Prototyper & Friend of Freelancers—currently based in Berlin.

🚀 Co-Founder & Product Manager of Bettertalk.to, the freelance search engine for the creative industry. Six years in, we already brokered more than 15 million Euros and continue to connect 3.000+ freelancers with more than 300 industry leading companies.

⚒ Recently Freelance Product Developer working on projects for Telekom, Luerssen, USEEDS°, IBM Aperto and others.

🔬 Previous Researcher & Product Manager at Frontira (LHBS). Serving clients like Anheuser-Busch InBev, Mercedes-Benz, Lufthansa, Red Bull and Volkswagen.

🕹 Former Interactive Concept Developer at Heimat and Razorfish. My work includes ideas & strategies for clients like McDonald’s, Audi, O2, DHL, Red Bull and Adidas.

⚗ Occassional tinkerer at home and presenter on stage.